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Meet the CCSD Teacher: Mellisa Freedman of Liberty ES!

Meet the CCSD Teacher: Mellisa Freedman of Liberty ES!

We’re proud of our CCSD family’s dedicated teachers … and every week, you’ll get to know one of them better through a Q&A posted here. #CCSDfam


Mellisa Freedman
Liberty Elementary School 
STEAM lab teacher 

What’s the most innovative idea that you’ve tried in your classroom? 
Using green screen and stop motion animation to bring storytelling to life was the most innovative idea I have tried in the classroom.  It is most rewarding and enjoyable to watch students’ creativity unfold while collaborating with their peers. 
Who is the best teacher you ever had and what made him or her special?
My 10th-grade high school history teacher was the best teacher I have ever had. He saw potential in all students and strived to make a connection with each of them.  Every day he came to school wearing a funny tie, which sparked laughter and class conversations.  He had such a positive attitude and never gave up on students who struggled. 
What can parents do to prepare their children for learning?
Having a strong home and school connection is so vital for children to be successful.  Parents can prepare their child by building a close relationship with the teacher.  It is important to keep consistent home and school communication.  When parents stay informed about content and curriculum being taught in the classroom, it can foster positive and productive discussions between the parent and student. 
What are the obstacles to getting all kids to achieve?
One obstacle I have seen negatively impact students is their lack of confidence.  Fostering a growth mindset in the classroom is so important.  I strive to change students’ negative perception of themselves by recognizing and celebrating even the smallest gains.  Consistently encouraging students to use positive affirmations such as, “I will do great things today” can have a lasting impact.