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Celebrating Our 2024 Teachers of the Year: Liberty ES!

Celebrating Our 2024 Teachers of the Year: Liberty ES!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Month, we’re celebrating a school 2024 Teacher of the Year each day!  Fifth-grade math, science and social studies teacher Stephanie Hopersberger, a 13-year educator, is the Teacher of the Year for Liberty Elementary School and one of four CCSD Teacher of the Year finalists honored earlier this year!

“Ms. Hopersberger (aka Hops) is an expert in mathematics,” a colleague shared.  “She truly understands the subject; she speaks math in such a way that children understand.  In addition, she is a master of student engagement.  In her math class, she works in songs and games routinely to keep the students moving and focused.  She works toward mastery for all her students, taking the time to dig into data to decide best practices.  Perhaps most importantly, she takes time to connect with her students individually.  She lives out the principle that children need to deeply connect with and trust their teacher before learning can begin.”

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